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Do you have a phone number?
Once you have secured a booking our phone number will be provided to you in case you need to contact us on the day of your booking. Unfortunately we no longer share our phone number for general enquiries due to the large number of enquiries we receive. We find it is most helpful to everyone to have a digital trail of information shared, in case of any queries that may come up further into the booking process. We apologies for any inconvenience caused, but we can assure you, we respond very quickly via our ‘Quote Request’ form and email.

How much do you charge?
This will depend on several factors i.e. length of party, how many faces there are to paint, Location, time etc
We have provided a basic price list on the website, as well as a 'Get a Quote' Form, so you can get a quick accurate price!

Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes, all our artists hold their own Public Liability Insurance, certificates can be provided on request.

Do you have a current DBS?
With regard to DBS (old CRB) there is no legal requirement for Face Painters to have one, this is because we will never be left unattended to care for a child or vulnerable person. Additionally to this, as a self employed/sole trader you are unable to apply for a fully enhanced DBS as these can only be issued if a request from an employer is sent to the DBS Service. If you are from a company and require your subcontractors to have a DBS, then we welcome you to apply for one on our behalf, as this is the only means of us obtaining one. If you have any more questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Do I need to provide anything?
On booking we will discuss with you what is available at the location of the event/party. Normally we only need 2x adult sized chairs. But we are able to supply our own if needed.

Our event is outside, will you bring a gazebo?
If you are having an outdoor event then it is essential that you provide some form of shelter i.e. gazebo for the artist/s to be protected from all elements. If you are not able to do this, then please let us know as we may be able to supply one, although this will incur additional charges.

Do you paint under 3's faces?
Due to insurance we are unable to paint or offer glitter tattoos for children under 3 years. The professional products we use are all recommended for use on 36 months and over so this is something we take very seriously. Unfortunately we will not be able to paint a child under 3 even if they have been painted before.
Its worth noting that we will also never paint the face of a child who says no, are upset, sleeping or very reluctant. We want every child to enjoy their face painting experience.

Will the face paints stain Bouncy Castles?
We are unable to guarantee that the face paints will not stain a bouncy castle. If you intend to book a bouncy castle alongside our face painting service we recommend you ask your bouncy castle company if they allow face painted children on their castles. Some have strict policies. We can help provide you with contact information of companies that do allow face paints, so please ask.
We have been reliably informed by a bouncy castle owner, that face paint stains can be removed from bouncy castles with ‘De-Solv-It Stain Remover’ and a Magic Eraser. If you don’t have any of that then some Coconut Oil and a magic eraser should also do the trick.
It is also worth noting that we are aware there are a few colours from specific brands of professional face paints that can be a lot more difficult to remove than others and therefore we do not use those particular colours in our kit.
As mentioned, all of the above advice is what we have learnt from having discussions with a well established bouncy castle owner/face painter who have carried out specific testing on all the professional face paint brands and the most notoriously hard to remove colours. They tested them on white bouncy castle material and tried various cleaning products, which is why I have shared very specific advice above.

How long will my face painting last?
This depends on many factors including sweating, dribbling, the environment you're exposed to etc, so we are unable to guarantee a specific length of time.
However, on average the face painting should last until its washed off with soap and water.
Face paint is water based, so will come off if exposed to rain/water play! Glitter tattoos are temporary and last up to 7 days. Chunky festival glitter will last until washed off with soap and water.

How can I remove the face painting?
Face paints are best to be cleaned of with soap and water. Wet wipes should be avoided as these are not meant for use on the face and certain wipes have ingredients in them that react with the face paint and will cause staining. Some colours may leave slight stains due to their strong pigment, but this will come off with a second wash or baby/coconut oil.

How far will you travel?
Although based in South Leicestershire we are able to travel to many other areas, any additional travel expense will be included in your quote so giving the location of your event is essential in order for us to give you an accurate price.

What paints do you use?
We use various brands, all of which are bought from professional face painting suppliers and are of the highest quality professional paints. Cosmetic grade and hypoallergenic.
Brands include:
Tag, Diamond FX, Global Colours, Face Paints Australia, Superstar, Fusion, Mehron, Kryolan, Ben Nye and more.

How many faces would you paint per hour?
Depending on design complexity Jane can comfortably paint approx 12-15 faces per hour based on children sitting one after the other. We can not guarantee every child will be painted if you wish to stop the activity for games or refreshments. We quote and make guarantees on the number of children being painted on the basis that we paint continually for the agreed amount of time. If you are expecting 30 - 40 children in a 2hr period, please contact us to discuss what options you have in this scenario.

Do you do full body painting?
Sorry, this is not something we offer.

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