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Glitter Tattoos are a perfect addition to any event, they add a bit of sparkle that can last up to 7 days.

We have recently updated our Glitter tattoos, so they are now less wasteful. Instead of using the traditional one use plastic sticker stencils, we now use new reusable picture stamps to apply the skin safe temporary glue and then finish off with cosmetic grade glitter.

These are different to chunky/festival style glitter designs, in that they will not wash off after the first wash and they come in all sorts of specific designs/pictures i.e. unicorns, stars, footballs, superheroes etc.
They are extremely popular during the summer months with young girls and boys as they can show off their sparkly design for days without worrying about school rules!

Glitter tattoos can be offered as an individual service or can be bolted on to any other service i.e. Face Painting and Glitter Bars.

Note: Although temporary, if you do wish to remove a glitter tattoo, this can be done by rubbing baby oil or coconut oil on it and then bathing with soap and water.
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