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1. We have high standards regarding hygiene and Health & Safety practice. If sponges are used we use a clean sponge for each face; brushes are cleaned regularly throughout each event using a 3 pot water system, one contains a mild antibacterial water bath and two contain clean water for rinsing. All equipment and paints are cleaned thoroughly after each event.
2. To ensure we can keep our hygiene practice maintained, we have a strict policy that no one, other than the artist touch the paints, brushes and other products being used. Please ensure children are supervised at all times.
3. For safety and insurance reasons we are strictly unable to paint anyone under the age of 36 months. This is in line with the manufactures recommendation. We can not make any exceptions to this as that would invalidate our insurance.
4. Please note, that all cosmetic products, on rare occasions can cause skin reactions. Therefore we highly recommend that people with skin allergies or sensitive skin should either, not participate or have a patch test at the beginning of the event. The decision to take part is at the individuals and/or responsible adults discretion. The paints and products used are all professional cosmetic grade and therefore have been tested and meet EU requirements. However people with allergies should take caution as with anything they may apply to their skin. We cannot be held responsible for skin reactions.
5. Face Painters are booked on the basis of providing an entertainment activity only. Artists are NEVER to be asked to “look after”, “keep an eye on” or supervise any children at any time. All children remain the responsibility of the parent, guardian or event host.
6. We do not paint anyone who presents as unwilling to take part. This includes sleeping children. Children must be able to sit still unaided by the parent/carer.
7. In the interest of everyone's health and safety, we will not be able to paint anyone who appears ill, suffering from cold sores, broken skin or any contagious condition due to contamination of paints and products. We hold the right to refuse painting anyone whom we feel may put themselves, others or our equipment at risk by cross contamination.
8. We reserve the right to cease painting if the conduct of anyone in attendance acts in a way that the face painter feel inappropriate or causes harm or may cause harm to the people taking part, the artist or the artist’s equipment.
9. For private parties and events, it is the responsibility of the organiser to obtain permission from parent/carers for all children expected to take part.
10. We are unable to take responsibility for the welfare or safety of any person waiting in line or saving places for anyone. Please ensure children are supervised at all times.
11. We request that anyone wishing to have their face painted should be ready to take part with a clean dry face. Children with dried food, drool, runny noses can not be painted until their face has been cleaned and dried by their accompanying adult.
12. We request that participants do not eat or drink whilst taking part as this could contaminate the paints and products, as well as slow down the queue as the artist will then need to clean down any food spills or wait for participants to stop chewing. We can not paint moving faces.
13. Please ensure adequate lighting and that the artist is positioned at the furthest possible distance from any sound systems and/or physical activity i.e. children running/playing, ball games etc where the artist maybe accidentally knocked.
14. If the event is outdoors shelter will need to be provided for us, either in the form of a set up gazebo or space in a shared marquee etc. If we experience severe weather i.e. heavy rain or strong winds, the artist will discuss with the organiser the potential of relocating to a sheltered area or other options to enable the activity to continue.
15. Unfortunately we are unable to work with or alongside any other face painters that have not been supplied by Daisy Jane’s Face Painting. As we have stated above, we have strict policies for health & safety and ensure all our artists hold appropriate insurance, for this reason anyone not working under Daisy Jane’s Face Painting can not be vetted by us to ensure they are working to the same strict practices. If you expect a large turn out for your event and feel a team of painters would be needed, this is something we are more than happy to accommodate.
16. We use cosmetic grade, professional water activated face paints. We only buy our materials from reputable, long established professional face paint supply shops.
17. As mentioned above, our Face paints are water activated and can be removed very easily from skin with soap and water. We DO NOT advise using baby wipes to remove the paint as this can cause the face paint to stain the skin.
18. If you find after washing the face that the paint has left a slight stain on the skin, we recommend applying some oil (baby oil or coconut oil) rubbing that in and then washing the area with soap and water again. This will remove any hint of remaining colour.
19. As paints are wax and glycerin based that are water activated they should not leave stains on clothing. However we cannot be held responsible to damage of clothing or property. We recommend participants should avoid placing their painted faces on clothes/material/furniture etc.
20. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects that other entertainment might have on the face painting, such as sweat, water, bubbles etc and sadly do not guarantee time to re paint designs that have smudged or been sweat off.
21. We STRONGLY advise that before booking your Bouncy Castle you speak to the company and make sure they allow face painted children on their castles. Any possible staining to bouncy castles from face paints are the responsibility of the party/event organiser, which is why we highly recommend this is checked out before booking to avoid any problems or disappointments on the day. Please ask us, as we have a few companies that we can recommend.
22. We use professional glycerin & wax based face paints that should remove from bouncy castle type material, but obviously we are unable to guarantee this. We have been advised by owners of bouncy castles that if face paint does accidentally get on to a castle, they can be removed by using a magic eraser and oil (Avon Skin So Soft Oil has been highly recommended to us) or another excellent cleaning product called ‘Stain Remover by De-Solv-it’. Jane normally has some in her kit if needed for spot cleaning, so please ask.
23. We highly suggest you AVOID hiring white bouncy castles, soft play and ball pits when booking face painting as these normally have strict ‘no face paint’ rules and are notoriously hard to clean.
24. If you are having a disco, please ensure that you inform us, so we can discuss lighting options for the artist. We can bring small rechargeable lights if needed, but we need to know.
25. Please ensure artists are not going to be positioned close to sound systems. This is for the health & safety of our ears, but also to help us communicate easily with the participants.
26. If you are planning water based activities, pool party, slip’n’slide, water squirters etc, please ensure artists will not be positioned close by to prevent our kits from getting soaked. Please also be mindful that face paints run straight off if exposed to water! So consider booking us for Airbrush Tattoos or Glitter Tattoos instead which are water resistant.
27. Photographs may be taken during the event by the artist. Your artist will always ask before they do this. If you do not wish to have your photographs taken, kindly inform the artist. Please also ensure you have read and understand our 'Photo Imagery Policy' & ‘Privacy Policy’ which can be found alongside these terms and conditions on the website
28. All our artists hold their own Public Liability Insurance. Copies can be seen upon request.
29. In the VERY unlikely event that the artist is unwell or have to cancel due to extreme circumstances, we will make every effort to find a replacement artist, if this is not possible you will be refunded in full.
30. We kindly request that the artist work in a smoke free environment, in line with the smoke free workplace laws.
31. We do not paint anything that the face painter deems offensive, obscene or inappropriate for the event or age group.
32. We quote and work on a one design per child/adult basis unless you specifically request otherwise.
33. For Corporate events where face painting is being offered to the public, the artist will keep a close eye on the time and number of children waiting. If need be, the artist will close the line in advance to ensure they are able to complete all the customers currently waiting in line by the end of the event and finish on time.
34. Once the line has been closed, no one other than the people in the line will be painted. The artist will normally use a system on painting numbers on the hands of everyone in line to ensure no one new joins.
Birthday Parties:
To secure a small event i.e. 2-3hr party, we require a completed booking form and a 50% non-refundable booking fee, to be paid via BACS. Your date/time will not be secure until the booking fee is received. Payment details will be explained on your invoice. The remaining balance is due 48hrs before the party.
Weddings/Large Private Events:
To secure a wedding or larger private event, we require a completed booking form and a £100 non-refundable booking fee, to be paid via BACS. Your date/time will not be secure until the booking fee is received. Payment details will be explained on your invoice. The remaining balance is due 1 week before the event.
Corporate Events:
To secure a booking, we require a completed booking form, this creates our contract between yourself and Daisy Jane’s Face Painting and that you agree to our full terms, conditions, payment and cancellation policy. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice or on completion of the work, whichever comes first. Payment must be made via BACS, we do not accept cheques or over the phone card payments.
1. Reducing the time booked within 4 weeks of the party/event will be liable to pay 50% of the time cancelled i.e. If booked for 3 hours, but you request to reduce this to 2 hours within 4 weeks of the event, client will be required to pay for the full 2 hours and 50% of the cancelled hour.
2. If the customer finds the date or time they have booked needs to be changed after the booking form has been completed, meaning our contract has been formed, then as long as Daisy Jane’s Face Painting’s availability allows for this, these changes can be made. We would ask that as much notice as possible is given.
However; if Daisy Jane’s Face Painting is fully booked on all alternative dates/times requested then this would fall into the complete cancellation terms below. 
3. Complete cancellation within 4 weeks of the event, the customer will be liable to pay 50% of the total fee.
4. Complete Cancellation within two weeks of the event will be liable to pay 100% of the fee.
5. Should the event need to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances that fall under Force Majeure (ie. global pandemic), this will effectively break the contract. In the first instance, the customer will be offered a credit note to enable them to carry the non refundable booking fee forward to a time when the event can be rescheduled. If it becomes evident that rescheduling is not an option, then the customer will be entitled to request a partial refund of their “non refundable booking fee”. The refund will be issued minus a £30 administration fee for work already carried out which includes; booking inquiry, administrative communications, invoicing etc.
6. By booking with Daisy Jane’s Face Painting you accept the full terms and conditions above. Any questions can be directed to Jane,  Owner/Lead Artist via email:
Many Thanks for your custom, we look forward to seeing you soon!
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